Monday, April 23, 2012

Tips for Job Hunting

Tips for job hunting
Finding a job can be challenging. The best resume does not guarantee you a short job search. Even talented people with great work histories are finding the current job search climate to be tough and, on some days, it can be very hard to stay positive. Here are some tips for successful job hunting:
  • In a job search, the one thing you can control is your attitude. Finding a job is real work. We know many people who have found jobs and most of them have told us that their success is to structuring their day.Watching television, surfing the Internet and sleeping in late will not find you a job. Looking for work is real work. Your day should be exercise, shower and be at your job search desk at 9 a.m. each morning five days a week.
  • Set a schedule for your job search and stick with it. People all have a need to be accepted. It is suggested that you surround yourself with positive successful people.
  • Act upon your decision. A wise man once stated that “you cannot control what thoughts go in to your mind but you can control how long they stay there and what you do with them.” These are just words until you bring them into action. Those that doubt you are counterproductive to your success and can bring your demeanor down fast, even if they are well meaning relatives and friends.
  •  Seek out and talk with happy people often. Their attitude will help your mood. While it is important to maintain a positive attitude, it is unrealistic to think you will be positive each moment of every day. The real trick setting a time limit to allow any negative thoughts. It is suggested you give yourself 30 minutes. Thirty minutes one day a week to lament your situation and then get back to the job search.
Negative thoughts rarely will get you a job. Accept responsibility for your life and your job search. Your network can be an asset. You are responsible for the success of your job search. Keep in touch with people who will move your career forward and stay motivated.